Nutella Muffins o fonly three ingredients!

I do notknowaboutyou, but whenweseethatin a dish (salted or sweet) doesnotgo more thanfiveingredients,thisdishimmediatelymove on to top spot forprepare.Such is thecasewiththesemuffins-consistingofthreecomponents, and one ofthese is Nutella. So,coulditbebetter?!


  • 300 gramsNutella (or otherchocolatespread)
  • 2 eggs
  • 10 tablespoonsofplainflour
  • Allyouhave to do isturn on theoven.Itshouldbeheated to 180 degree.Intomoldsofmuffins put thepaperbaskets.Alltheingredientsmixwellin a whippingbowlwithmixer or wire, whichever is easier to you.

Theresultingmixtureevenlydistributeintothemoldsand bakeitinthepreheatedoven for 20-30 minutesdepending on how strongis youroven.Iftheovenhas a fan thenyouwillneedless time. Andthat’s thewisdom, leavethemuffins to coolinmolds.Whencooldown, servethem on a plate.

Note: Ifdesired, youcansprinklemuffinswithchoppedhazelnuts, coconut or gratedchocolate

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